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SG abrasives are now widely used in applications. When we use products, we generally need to understand the performance characteristics of the products and the common sense of the application.
SG abrasive has high hardness with sub-microcrystalline structure grains. Only the crystallites fall off under the action of external force when during sharpening and dressing, the sharp cutting edges are constantly produced.  Abrasives made with it have the advantages of good wear resistance, less grinding heat, long service life, large grinding ratio (the ratio of the volume of material removed and the volume consumed by the abrasive), high removal rate and good grinding quality. It has been widely used in the field of precision grinding and forming grinding in the fields of aerospace, automobile, bearing, tooling, instrumentation and instrumentation.
Qingdao Reckel Advanced Materials Co., Ltd. not only has Receramax blue SG abrasive, but also Receramax RT ceramic abrasive, Receramax RS white ceramic abrasive and Receramax coated ceramic abrasives. Many series of products are suitable for different industries match various grinding needs from the customers!

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