RECERAMAX RT Ceramic Grain

Receramax RT Ceramic Grains is a new kind grains invented by our company. Special Crushing System to get super lower bulk density, more than 85% high concentrated grains, strive to close to 100% of the same size and Uniformity, more sharpness than conventional ceramic grain. Sharp, angular structures continuously form sharp points.

Reckel Ceramic Grains
Reckel Ceramic Grains
Reckel Ceramic Grains

Product Advantages

  • Excellent Length-diameter ratio, increase the thickness of abrasives on the backing under the same sanding density and porosity and more contact points in the same area.
  • It has gravity, more easier to be inserted into the bottom resin to maintain a uniform setting and not prone to incline when electrostatic sanding process.
  • The particles develop from thin to thick, three-dimensional polyhedron, like a Wdege or sunflower seed. Because of similar height, more points to share the pressure, the press on each point is more less, not easy to be broken.
  • These clean, sharp points mean Receramax RT grains that slices faster, runs cooler, and lasts much longer than conventional abrasives, which generate excessive heat buildup and have a shorter life.The efficiency is more than 50% higher than conventional ceramic grain.
  • Saving Time. Saving Money.



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