RECERAMAX RS Ceramic Grain

RECERAMAX RS is a modified microcrystalline sintered ceramic abrasive grain, which was developed according to the seeded-gel technology of RECKEL. It is produced in a resource-saving way and is therefore very economical.The hard and blocky ceramic grain is especially suitable for coarse grinding applications with resin bonded grinding wheels and Coated abrasives. The RS grain has a sub- micro crystals structure, which makes ceramic grain particularly suitable for heavy duty applications with constant and interrupted cuts.The hard and sharp RS ceramic grain penetrates easily into metallic materials and has excellent cutting properties, resulting in easy cutting of the workpiece material. When a critical grinding force is exceeded, the grain breaks in the micro range and creates new sharp cutting edges. A cool grinding and cutting process, protect the tool and thus lead to longer tool life.For Coated Abrasives, Coated RS ceramic grain has excellent jumping properties in the electrostatic field and better anti-peeling ability.RECKEL offers the RECERAMAX RS - ceramic grain type in grit number FEPA #16 to #100.

Product Advantages

  • High Hardness, Sub-micro crystals, situable for Roughing and Heavy duty polishing
  • Superior Self-sharpness, No Burning on tools
  • High Cutting Efficiency, Good toughness, Less Abrasion
  • Saving Time. Saving Money.



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