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Qingdao Reckel Advanced Materials Co., Ltd., with a registered capital of 55.55 million RMB, is located in Jiaozhou Bay Industrial Park, Jiaozhou City. It is an environmentally-friendly new material company with technology research and development, manufacturing, processing and sales. The company's main products are: ceramic microcrystalline abrasives (RECERAMAXTMseries)、environmentally friendly denitration additives, VOCS exhaust gas treatment catalytic materials...

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Our advantages

Why choose Reckel

  • Excellence comes from quality

    Based on trinity management system, Reckel has realized the automatic control of the whole production process. The control methods of production process, and the level of control product quality analysis, all lead Reckel’s product quality has already exceeded the national standard.

  • Efficiency comes from Precion

    Due to the advanced automatic production line, and intelligent interconnection system of ERP and MES; Reckel can greatly improve the production efficiency, optimize the allocation of resources, achieve higher efficiency execution of the workshop, and monitoring of the production process. In addition to improve the response capacity of rapid manufacturing, to meet the needs of corporate development and customers demands.

  • Development comes from Innovation

    Reckel stick to the development of science and technology innovation, has professional equipment configuration, strong innovation ability with experienced talent management team. Reckel has won several national and provincial scientific research awards, because of cooperation with many scientific research teams in colleges and universities.

  • Win-win Cooperation comes from Trust

    Reckel’s philosophy is creating better and building better, adhering to the core values of mutual benefit by customized marketing to achieve the consumers’ demands.

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