How to remove Ceramic Abrasive Grain from your skin.

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Blue Ceramic Grain is a relatively common material in the abrasive market. Because Ceramic Grain has an excellent performance, so it can widely used in polishing and grinding. Dust is easily generated when you use Ceramic Grain. The workers are at risk  from breathing or touch the dust, follow the correct steps, you might be able to solve the problem of the dust. 

1、In eyes:Rinse eyes immediately with plenty water, check and remove any contact lenses. If you feel pain, seek medical center or hospital. The air pollution concentration from the dust, it will be irritates the eyes. Symptoms: eyes hyperemia.

2、2.Inhalation of Ceramic Grain dust: take patient to the fresh air. If patient has any symptoms, seek medical center or hospital. The workers are at risk of COPD from breathing dust. Symptoms: cough, respiratory symptoms. When there's an emergency, we need to rescues patient on time and escort them to the hospital. So you need to always pay attention to safety when using  ceramic abrasive, take precautions can avoid accident.

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