How to distinguish the quality of Blue ceramic abrasive

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Blue ceramic abrasive grain is simile material with white fused alumina, they are all artificial abrasives. It has good grinding performance, high purity, high crystal quality, not easy to disintegration and it has a wide range of applications. So, how to judge the quality of products is very important. There are some notes to help buyers to choose it.
1.The small grit size will get lighter color. Instead lager grit size will get dark color. There is a relationship between color depth and grit size.
2.The grain color is blue and bright, The high aluminum content will be lighter, it is brilliant blue.
When we buy ceramic abrasives, we can judge the quality by shape, color and size. From shape and size, the quality of raw materials is more important, good raw materials is granule size, small, resistance to impact and the surface looks bright and shiny. From color, usually it is blue. A good quality of blue ceramic abrasive is bright color. There are toughness, high strength, self-sharpening abrasive and just some small amounts of impurities can be absorbed by magnetic absorption.

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