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In 1981, the Department of industrial abrasives of 3M company in the United States introduced a kind of ceramic abrasives named "cubitron". Its toughness is more than 2 times that of conventional corundum abrasives. The grinding performance is better than most ordinary abrasives. In the mid 80s, Norton Company developed a SG (trademark) abrasive grain. It is also a kind of ceramic grains. Its properties are similar to those of Cubitron abrasives. In fact, these two abrasives are manufactured by a chemical ceramic process commonly known as Sol-gel (SG) technology. SG abrasive is also named.The production process is: the water soluble colloid of A13O2. H2O, after gelation, drying and curing, and then crushing into particles, and finally sintered into abrasives. Bcause of the commonly used crystal forming agent (or seed) in the sol-gel process, the SG process is often referred to as "Seeded Gel". SG as a process did not appear in the 1980s. In 1963, Bugosh obtained the patent of making dense Al2O3 with SG process. The manufacture of oxide ceramics by sol gel (SG) process is also very common in the ceramic industry. Only in 80s, SG technology was used in abrasive production. SG Abrasives have also been used in the field of industrial processing.

SG abrasive particles are sintered by a large number of submicron A12O3 crystals, which can break continuously and expose new cutting during grinding, so its self sharpening is very good. Its grinding performance is obviously better than that of common corundum, which mainly shows the advantages of wear resistance, self sharpening, high grinding rate and large grinding ratio.

SG Abrasives can be used to make all kinds of consolidated and coated abrasives, and their performance is obviously superior to the same kind of common corundum abrasives. Generally speaking, because of the high manufacturing cost of SG abrasives, it is commonly used in industry to mix with common abrasives to make abrasives, and there are few abrasives made of SG Abrasives alone.

SG abrasive is a new type of ceramic corundum abrasive. Its appearance makes the artificial abrasive develop to high toughness and high hardness. However, the importance of SG abrasive is not limited to the field of dry grinding. As a new ceramic material, SG abrasive will have a very broad application prospect. At present, the majority of corundum abrasives in China are produced by the traditional electrofusion process, and there are few corundum abrasives produced by sintering process. Similarly, SG Abrasives still have a gap in China.

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