Top ten applications of ceramic abrasive

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Ceramic abrasive is made by sol-gel technology. Place of storage should be clean, hygienic, high temperature and water-proof and far away from source of pollution. The finished products use in It can be adopted for the grinding of the hard and strong bending stength materials such aschilled steel, alloy steel, high-speed steel and high carbon steel. Its main application in the following aspects

Surface machining : metal oxide layer, carbides of metals, the electroplate of metal or  non-metals.
Arts & Crafts processing : further processing of  gold,  crystal, glasses and other precious metals

3.Etching process : carvings to jade, agate, Seal,antiques,marble, porcelain, wood

4.The re-processing : the primary treatment of teflon, PU, rubber, roller, electroplate, metal spray, titanize. It will be increased surface adhesion.
5.The rough machining : plastic, zinc, aluminum die-casting products, electronic-parts, remove the burr of the magnetic core. Stress eliminating processing.
6.Stress relief : apply to space, national defense, parts, renovations and etc.
7.Electronic parts processing : Silicon chip etching, GRD(Wafer backside grinding), removal of print on finished surface and clearing the ceramic Heater Band.
8.Mould processing : The surface of the mold, glass mold,tire mold, shoe-mould, bakelite mold, button mode, plastics mode.
9.Large scale work-piece processing : stain and paint removal of oil tank, chemical tank, hull, container, car industry and etc.
10.Glass processing : sand blasting to different production of glass-based crafts.

Ceramic abrasive used as abrasive polishing and sandblasting material, precision casting, spraying materials, chemical carrier, special ceramics, refractory materials and etc. Choosing products from regular manufacturers can guarantee the quality of products.

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